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Your child's future is our priority

Future Einsteins is an exceptional Wakefield day nursery was founded in June 2001. 

The ethos of the nursery is to provide the opportunity for all children to develop as individuals and reach their full potential in a happy & safe, stimulating and caring environment

The main characteristics of Future Einsteins are that we pride ourselves on delivering high quality day care, that is unique and tailored to the individual child as we blend this with their learning. We always consider their next steps and their interests. We care not only about the child but also the parent's wishes. Which is why we develop strong relationships and encourage parental involvement in their children's day nursery arrangements.


" I felt proud that both my children attended this nursery."

Mrs Gunn

We offer healthy, nutritious food freshly cooked everyday and staff play a very pro-active role in the children's values and their understanding of being healthy. We care not only about the child but also the parent's wishes,

We do a huge amount of our learning outdoors in our gardens which we think makes us slightly different. We encourage children to access plenty of fresh air and have special safe areas for our babies to play and explore with age appropriate toys and natural objects.

Every child is unique

We pride ourselves on our staff retention by ensuring staff are valued and listened to and we encourage staff to improve their own continuous professional development regarding children's care.

Today we are an award winning children's nursery providing exceptional care in the community, embracing change and delivering high quality approvals from Ofsted, and most recently the prestigious Five a day award from Environmental health for exceptional food preparation and commitment to a healthy diet.

We have very positive relationships with parents/carers and all of our staff are aware of the term parents as partners. We value the fact that parents are children's first educators and the parents views are considered with care and importance. We talk to parents informally every day and feed back to them their child's activities and present them with their daily routine and any work or photographs from the day. We believe this sets us apart from other day nurseries in Wakefield.

For our younger children we support the family by offering a routine which parents' request. This covers individual feeding times and sleeping requirements. We have a separate sleeping room to ensure babies have the quiet and peaceful sleeping time they need. We work very closely with parents ensuring that we offer a service they want for their child. We highly believe that nursery should be a home from home.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for looking after our two boys over the last 6 years.

We are always greeted with a smile and both of our boys have loved their time spent with you.

- Matthew, Deborah and family